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L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Applicant Prep) offers a complement of services for individuals either serving or considering a career in law enforcement.
These services include:


Police Officers Physical Abilities Test



RCMP Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation



Correctional Officers Physical Abilities Test


Sheriffs Officer Physical Abilities Test


Experience and Dedication

We are dedicated to helping people achieve their Law Enforcement Career aspirations. Our year’s of experience with training and also with working in the law enforcement/military trades have created a standard that is unparalleled, this accompanied with a world class facility sets the standard. We at LEAP are a dedicated Team and go the extra mile for our clients through the whole hiring process.

About Us

Law Enforcement Careers

LEAP trains motivated people to pass their physical requirements for each component of their Preferred Law enforcement Career.

Through training, dedication and determination we build confidence and ability in potential law enforcement officers, whether it’s police RCMP corrections sheriffs Game and fisheries CBSA or many private security options we deliver top of the lime training and official testing

Our Team

Who is L.E.A.P.?

Who we are

Don KirkLand

The founder of LEAP (Law Enforcement Applicant Prep), a 28-year veteran of the Vancouver Police Department, former Canadian soldier and United Nation’s tour veteran.

Don’s extensive police experience began as a patrol officer, field trainer, school liaison officer. Continued onto ERT (SWAT) sniper and trainer, ERT hostage negotiator and crisis intervention negotiator and trainer. Completing his accomplished career as Detective in Vice, & Gambling and Undercover operator and trainer. Don is a recipient of the Attorney General’s award for valour.

These days Don is a registered Fitness Leader member with BCRPA (Personal trainer; Weight trainer SFL; Theory; Older Adult; with courses in Osteofit; Group fitness; Boxercise; Boxing coach). Don is a graduate of the Hilltop Academy for Fitness Professionals and is passionate to give back to his trade.

Glen KirkLand

Born and raised in British Columbia Canada, Glen followed the family tradition of joining the Canadian armed forces at the age of 21.  Glen joined the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light infantry out of Manitoba and went in to specialize as a designated marksman and a machine gunner,  Glen also served as the section Tactical Casualty Care medic. Glen was selected as the Top Soldier for the 2nd Battalion PPCLI and went on to come in the top 10 for the mountain Man challenge which is a gruelling endurance race.

Glen was deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 where he had 2 days left in his lengthy tour when his vehicle was ambushed and destroyed by Rockets. Glen was critically wounded but managed to get out and assist in the evacuation of all the other members of the vehicle who were all deceased.  Glen was awarded a campaign star the sacrifice medal the queens diamond jubilee along with the Cefcom accommodation for valour for his actions. Glen later went on to train as a hostage negotiator and crisis intervener while attending university with a major in political science. He later had a successful real estate company and just recently sold his business to retire back to BC.  Glen is the owner of LEAP where he also trains and coaches perspective law enforcement applicants to pass their fitness testing

Glenn Docherty

Glenn retired from the Vancouver Police Department in 2016 after a robust 26-year career in law enforcement.

Glenn holds a Bachelor of Physical Education Degree from the University of British Columbia with a specialty in Exercise Physiology and Coaching.  Prior to entering the VPD, Glenn was a Fitness Coordinator at private fitness clubs in downtown Toronto. In addition, Glenn officiated soccer at the professional level for 12 years and was selected to represent Canada as an International Referee.

Dave Montesano

Dave is a retired police officer after having served for 30 years. I have a strong background in police recruiting, and training.

He provides one-on-one consultations uniquely designed for the specific requirements of my clients. His purpose is to help clients effectively represent themselves during the recruiting process, and to optimize their opportunity for selection.


The Richmond Olympic Oval

LEAP is located at the worlds best fitness facility The Richmond Olympic Oval is an indoor multi-sport facility and gym. Originally built as the host venue for 12 speed skating events during the 2010 Winter Olympics, today it is a beacon for British Columbia  that attracts, welcomes and inspires people from all over the world.

Leap operates on Mondays Wednesday’s and Friday’s with varying times.

Call or text 604.366.1235 for availability or email us!

When I began training for the POPAT, I started my time at 4:58 – seeing that time I thought it would be impossible to pass. With Don’s expertise and dedicated help to get me to pass, I was able to get my time down to 3:38. Don provided me with one on one training and taught me the proper techniques. I’m on my way to the JI, and I owe a big thank you to Don!!

Rebecca Kaisers

I’m a Sgt with the VPD and have been a member for 23 years. As a requirement for a new position, I had to pass a POPAT/PARE. I had not run the test since my academy days. I had a week to get prepared and the VPD fitness coordinator recommended I train with Don. I remembered Don from when he was on the Emergency Response Team.  I knew he would know what it would take to succeed. In 2 sessions with Don I shaved 40 seconds off my time and I passed with ease. You will need to prepare to pass these fitness tests. I have no hesitation in recommending Don to help achieve your goals.

Sgt. Mark Bragagnolo

Vancouver PD

I exercise regularly and I think that I am in great physical shape,  I went into my POPAT training thinking it would be a piece of cake. After competing my first one and failing, I quickly realized that there is a lot more that goes into it than I thought. Don was very motivating and knowledgable about what I can do for myself to better my time. He was a pleasure to work with and I would encourage anyone training for law enforcement to train one on one with him, it was worth the hour drive to Richmond. I passed my exam for NWPD and I owe it to Don for believing in me. THANKS SO MUCH!


I was referred to Don Kirkland by VPD Recruiting to help with improving my application as a Police Constable. Don and I first met for coffee, and I found Don to be very friendly, open, and easy to talk to. As a former VPD member with years of experience, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge about a career in policing and also understands what it is like to be an applicant in a often difficult and stressful process. Don is a certified Personal Trainer and assisted me in developing my fitness by holding a series of boxing lessons. I found Don to be an excellent trainer who was patient, kind, and dedicated. Don not only helped me in improving my fitness, but also helped me in gaining more confidence and presence. I consider Don’s training to be invaluable. If you are applying with a police agency I would fully recommend consulting Don’s services as both a fitness coach and mentor in order to best prepare yourself for a successful application.

Krista Lum

I first met Don Kirkland at a POPAT practice session in Vancouver and had prior to this meeting run several POPAT sessions. I was having difficulties achieving a competitive passing time in this test even though I had always been active and athletic and spent many hours improving my physical fitness. Much to my frustration, I was still struggling with the push pull portion of the test and overall wanted to achieve the most competitive time possible!

After introductions Don watched me run a practice test and immediately pointed out areas of focus that I could improve upon to shave seconds off my test time and better my technique. Don and I then started working together about 3 to 5 times per week. His expertise in this area is superb and I thoroughly appreciated the way he customized my training program and focused on my body type, strength and size; not a “one size fits all” approach to personal training! Don spent a lot of time and effort to constantly vary my work outs with a particular focus on muscle strengthening and anaerobic work outs that involved high intensity spurts paired with quick recovery times. Within weeks I saw major improvements in my strength, cardiovascular stamina and recovery times and equally as important, felt mentally prepared to run an official police physical test.

I succeeded in passing the POPAT and with Don’s dedicated help I was able to shave nearly 30 seconds OFF my test time: i.e. from 4:30 on my first test time to my best time of 4:02. Don’s workouts made all the difference for me, and anyone who wants to succeed in passing this test should definitely consider his specialized training.

Don’s lengthy military background, successful policing career and emergency response team experience combined with his personal training qualifications make him an exceptional person trainer! He is especially adept and experienced in training men and women for the POPAT test. Also, on a personal level, Don is someone who truly cares. He wants applicants to succeed and it shows! If you are interested in a career in policing or law enforcement, I would highly recommend Don Kirkland as I feel he is the best trainer out there to help anyone pass the POPAT!!

Natalie Chow



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